Financial Advice for Individuals, and Small Businesses.

Areas of Practice


policies & procedures

With an eye on streamlining processes and instituting formal procedures, we can assist your small business to develop policy and procedure manuals to fit your needs.  Policy and procedure manuals serve a much larger purpose than simply stating company expectations; they provide a definitive source of reference for managers and employees. Careful attention paid to the concepts and material placed in a policy and procedures manual can protect a small business when it comes to defending disciplinary actions related to a wide variety of business-related incidents.

Starting & managing your business

Starting a business is an exciting proposition, but it's also an incredibly challenging undertaking.  We will provide you with the resources that will help you learn about what it takes to start and manage your business.

Business Tax Preparation, payroll, & bookeeping

We offer comprehensive business tax filing services, not just for individuals and sole-proprietors but for Corporations, L.L.C.'s, Estates, Trusts, and Non Profits, as well. Our network of experienced tax professionals can look beyond the numbers and help you not just file your business tax return but help you better manage your profits and losses. Corporate tax planning and filing is complex to say the least and certainly varies with every client. Let us quote your business tax needs and we are confident that our services and prices will beat the competition. 

The success of your business is our business. We will teach you how to keep accurate records for your business.  This will include a monthly reconciliation of each bank account and credit card.  Conduct periodic reconciliations of all accounts to ensure accuracy.  Issue financial statements, assemble information for external auditors for the annual audit, and record cash receipts as well as bank deposits.

Let us alleviate the worry you have for processing payroll and ensuring your employees are paid on time and payroll taxes are paid.  We are able to process payroll, very week, every other week and will process the Federal and State taxes withheld from your employees' paychecks, as well as payroll taxes your business owes. 

Tax Planning

Tax planning is taking tax return preparation to the next level. We take a proactive approach to each client's tax situation and try to help plan for more informed, better tax filing seasons from our first visit forward. Strategy is crucial to minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing available deductions and credits. The tax code is constantly changing and it takes constant diligence to stay on top of current changes. Do not simply react each spring when it is time to file your tax return; the time to plan and craft a beneficial tax strategy is before December 31st!

Individual Tax preparation

We offer tax preparation, along with a variety of methods for you to receive your tax refund in the smallest amount of time possible. The federal tax code is reformed annually by congress and is constantly in a state of flux. Most non-tax professionals, aka average tax payers, are intimidated by the IRS and their governing body, the department of the Treasury. We offer you the comfort of knowing that your tax filing is in the hands of experienced professionals. Whether you are filing a simple return with only some income coming from W-2's or if you are self-employed and are itemizing deductions; our tax filing services are focused on minimizing your tax liability and making sure that you get the full deductions and credits you are qualified for.

IRS Resolution

Protection and Peace of Mind. All returns filed have the ability to be protected by Sure & Secure IRS Resolution Services and Audit Coverage. If you receive a letter from the IRS, rest easy, knowing that professional assistance and interpretation is only a phone call away. Correspondence Interpretation, Offers in Compromise, Payment Arrangements, Lien and Levy removal, and Penalty and Interest Coverage are comprehensively bundled in one affordable package that ensures you are prepared and protected in the event that your return comes under review. If you have past tax issues, we can help as well. Our goal is to comprehensively resolve all of your tax issues with you ending up with as little tax liability as possible.